Principal Artist: Chandna Agarwal - Mikayla Lyles. 2016 

Principal Artist: Chandna Agarwal - Mikayla Lyles. 2016 


To put it plainly, art and I were mere acquaintances until my adolescents...and that was purely by accident. I was drowning in that awkward phase of my teenage years where my social life was dependent upon my parents to drive me everywhere. 

I had to figure out other ways to pass time. 

One day, I was tinkering with an art idea. I began with such fervor until the self-deprecating voice inside me shouted,

'Chandna, girl, what are you doing?' + 'What are you even making?' + 'Lawd, make sure no one sets their eyes on this.' + 'Girl, you just ruined your canvas, way to go.'

I was aiming for preservation at that point, maybe if I washed the canvas I could give it another try some day. So there I went, off to the sink to wash my paint filled canvas and as water started to drip on it...Boom! 

The craziest thing happened. 

with the addition of a little water the colors began to blend into one another, creating this amazing frenzy of paint interactions. 

What I intended to be a do-over, actually became the start of my love affair with art and its possibilities. 

Possibility #1: Water & Paintings

Possibility #2: Newspaper & Paintings 

*-Insert An 'Aha' Moment-

I want to call my art, 'Damaged Goods.'


I attended UC Berkeley

My major of choice was Urban Planning & Design 

It was here that Damaged Goods really began to formulate.

I had the privilege of working in the most magical studio I've ever had the opportunity to be apart of and because of it I discovered and honed an artistic style. 

Possibility #3: Scrap wood & Painting

Possibility #4: Cardboard & Painting

*-Insert Another 'Aha' Moment-

I want to explore the relationship between Recycled Materials & Design.


Goodbye UC Berkeley, hello 4 months in South America. 

I lived in the jungle in Coastal Ecuador studying permaculture 


Traveled Ecuador & Colombia with one of my closest friends, Mikayla Lyles.

Here is a list of a couple adventures we had: 

1. We road an ice-box of a night bus to Cali, Colombia.

2. We kayaked the lakes of Guatape, Colombia.

3. We road motorcycles on Christmas Day through the hills of Salento, Colombia. 

4. We climbed Cotopaxi at midnight on New Years Day in Ecuador.

5. We walked around Medellin, Colombia discussing 'Fire, Silence, Hunger, Death.' (inside joke.)

-*Insert A Third 'Aha' Moment-

I decided one day that I wanted to create a business from my art that allowed me to constantly innovate, challenge status quo's and create unapologetically.  


I took some time to get the hang of 'adulting'. 

I also took some time to develop my art and what has now become the first Damaged Goods Product Line. 

Possibility #5: Combine Art, Design & Community Integration Into A Business

Possibility #6: Make Products That Utilize Materials Past Their Initial Usage

Possibility #7: Develop A Lifestyle Brand That Considers Diversity & Inclusion As Comparable Pieces To Innovation And Creativity

Possibility #8: Draw Inherent Value And Inspiration From The Community

Possibility #9: Collaborate. All The Time. 

*-Insert Final 'Aha' Moment-

Welcome to the Damaged Goods Collective.


If you are reading this, you are joining me for the beginning. The beginning of what I hope to be one of the greatest adventures of my life. 

I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel, I'm just striving to authentically express myself. In art & life, I encourage you to do the same. 



Chandna Agarwal

Founder, Principal Artist & Product Designer