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When I started the DG Collective I strived to innovate by integrating urban renewal and recyclable materials into production design and art. DG reclaims what is considered damaged, and turns it into hand-crafted objects that are stylistic and usable—

I call it ‘Utility Art.’ 

I strive to embody environmental responsibility and believe that conscious products can also be beautiful. DG's products aim to inspire creative intuition and bend the relationship between renewal and modern organic design. 



Love is not something we design. 

It is not something we set or control.

Love is just...ART.

A force that comes into our lives without any rules, expectations or limitations.

Every time I am inspired to articulate this force, I am reminded that love,

like art,

must always be free.

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Coming soon

Be on the lookout for a Damaged Goods Collective Kick Starter Campaign. We're a homegrown company looking to build strong roots in the bay area and we want to raise funds to do so without compromising our company values and long-term goals. We've decided to crowd fund so that we can repay our investors  in what we are best at: Beautifully crafted utility art!